Icontact Advertising

Icontact Branding, founded in 2005, is a forward-thinking and unique concept in promotional marketing. Unlike competitors within the industry that predominantly cater for business and blue chip companies, Icontact focuses entirely on the public sector, honing their services to suit the specialist needs and budgets of their clients. Using our network of established suppliers, our dedicated staff have built excellent rapport with council and government agencies nationwide, consistently providing the best service possible.

As Icontact grew we were able to build on this foundation to work directly with suppliers and manufacturers to bring the cost of promotions down further, whilst retaining good quality in all our items. To this day our main focus is on customer service and low prices. What makes us different is that we genuinely do care about the products we deliver, for us it's more than a job, more than just a way to make money. We're committed to bringing quality and commitment to our work.