Outside The Square

Established in 1995, Outside The Square has worked with a diverse range of organisations, large and small from a variety of industry segments. Common to all is the requirement for a professional agency capable of delivering tangible business benefits at a cost effective price.

So, what's it all about? Well, Outside The Square is a marketing and advertising agency. OK, but that could cover a multitude of sins. Clearly we do all the pretty stuff - you know - ads, brochures, mailers, press releases, web sites, exhibitions, multimedia presentations - the stuff people see. And yes, we come up with the ideas, write the copy, do the designing, arrange production and we're good at it, but you'd expect all that!

What makes us different is we do the unglamorous stuff as well - developing strategy, setting objectives, planning campaigns, market identification, building media lists, media planning and buying, developing offers, evaluating effectiveness - proper marketing.