Stewart Online Advertising

Stewart Online Advertising (SOA) is owned and operated by Neil Stewart - an advertising veteran of over 25 years. Neil has a magazine background having owned a very successful publishing business in the 90's, before moving into the world of pay per click advertising nearly 10 years ago. It's Neil's experience and skill at crafting well written adverts that lies at the core of every successfull PPC campaign we run. Having the knowledge on how to set up and run a PPC campaign is one thing, but it's only when you twin that with an ability to write engaging, eye-catching adverts that you see the results we're known for.

Sometimes we use humour in our client adverts to grab attention, other times we may use the shock factor to scream your sales message. But whatever we write, you can be certain that your adverts will stand out and attract traffic like magnets. We then manage that traffic and zoom in and focus on only those keyword search phrases that are driving you sales and enquires.